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三十年前,Pulau Sibu有十数间奎笼,早期是以捕鱼虾为主业,随着时代变迁,最后仅存4间的奎笼渐渐转型为观光垂钓奎笼,各自努力拼搏终成为柔州重要旅游景点,造就了Pulau Sibu和Tg.Leman主要经济命脉,带动蛮荒之地每年数万人蜂拥而至,也吸引不少国外游客,加上新马游客热烈支持,奎笼游客量占了整个区域的百分之七十,替州政府赚取不少外汇。


2013年8月15日,柔州政府在接过柔州苏丹的谕令,把Pulau Sibu列入“苏丹依斯干达群岛海洋公园(Taman Laut Sultan Iskandar)”,因此4间奎笼的噩梦由此开始。

2013年8月20日,柔州政府下令期限内必须拆除4间奎笼,让奎笼业主、码头服务业、Tg. Leman零售业和岛民大感震惊,感受到经济命脉将受到威胁。



阿發奎笼在此,要向广大的朋友们说声“谢谢”,感谢你们这些年的鼎力支持,风雨不改~ 感谢一群默默为奎笼打拚的论坛管理成员,衷心感谢大家~


Dear all friends,
A place that make you left happy memories, A place that with beautiful sky and blue sea, ultimately, forever in our mind , all those years we've been together............
Thirty years ago , Pulau Sibu have a dozen of Kelong, mainly for catching shrimp and fish at early days, with the changing times , the last remaining four gradually transformed into a sightseeing and fishing Kelong, their hard work eventually become an important tourist attraction in Johor, creating Pulau Sibu and Tg.Leman main economic lifeline , driven wild land each year tens of thousands of people flocked , but also attracted many foreign tourists, plus local and Singapore tourists enthusiastic support Kelong tourists accounted for seventy percent of the whole region , earn a lot of foreign exchange for the state government .

Twenty years ago , Ah Fatt kelong formed from a humble little Kelong , has experienced many ups and downs and grow slowly , with careful operation management become a large scale recreational fishing Kelong in the east coast of Johor and the creation of Malaysia 's first fishing forum named to Kelong (Ah Fatt kelong Forum ) do not fall behind the times. But all this is about to enter history, I did not expect Kelong fate is so short , like the person who you care most pass away deeply feel reluctant, sadness, frustration and anger!
Twenty years of effort wasted , who willing !

August 15, 2013 , the Government of Johor took Johor Sultan 's decree , Pulau Sibu included in the " Sultan Iskandar Islands Marine Park (Taman Laut Sultan Iskandar)", so four Kelong nightmare begins.

August 20, 2013 , the Johor state government ordered a deadline must be removed four Kelong , let Kelong owners , marina services , Tg. Leman retailer and Islanders shocked and feel the economic lifeline will be threatened.

August 25, 2013 , During Ah Yu kelong maintenance period tripped by strong waves, because business has been suspended , fortunately without any casualties .

October 7, 2013 , the nightmare comes, Johor state government will be forcibly removed the remaining three Kelong , Ah Fatt kelong, Hotboy kelong and Wing Sing kelong. No room for discussion and consultation , the state government took a tough stance , Kelong owners have no choice but to pack valuables , face the facts , is this fair? Reasonable?

Ah Fatt kelong would like to say "thank you "to all friends , thank you for your support all these years , thanks to a group of forum managing member silently work hard for Kelong, thank you ~

Thanks and Regards,
Ah Fatt Kelong